The Ultimate Guide to a Mercedes Lease Transfer

Anthony October 24, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to a Mercedes Lease Transfer

*** Update June 2020 ***

Mercedes Benz has put a halt to all new Mercedes lease transfers.  Due to the COVID-19 situation, Mercedes is not accepting vehicle transfer requests until further notice. Below is their statement, with associated reference link

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are unable to accept vehicle transfer requests until further notice. Vehicle transfers already in progress will be completed and both parties will receive a confirmation package from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services when the transfer is complete.


If you’re trying to figure out how to do a Mercedes lease transfer, you might have a ton of questions on how to do it the right way. Fortunately, I’ve been involved with 3 different lease transfers. My very first lease transfer believe it or not was a Mercedes lease transfer. It was actually a Mercedes CLS 400 in silver. I absolutely loved it. I do remember though that uneasiness I felt the first time I did a lease transfer. After that one was a success, I just kept going! The deal I got was great. I even tried going to my local Mercedes dealership first to see how the pricing look. It wasn’t even close, for real. I mean, my eyes were starting to see that there really isn’t a reason to go to the Mercedes dealer EVER!

Understanding that a Mercedes lease transfer is the way to go, I was hooked!I got an insane deal on the lease transfer. So with a chance to get a amazing CLS by doing a Mercedes lease transfer, I felt the need to share my findings with everyone that would want to listen (or read). While lease transfer are not for everyone, going through the Mercedes dealer for a lease is just insane. The price you wind up paying is beyond ridiculous ! 3 cars later I know for a fact there’s another way, one worth exploring. As a result, I started this Mercedes lease transfer guide as a education tool. Enjoy!

In this Mercedes lease transfer guide, I will go over the following
How to Do a Mercedes Lease Transfer
How Much is the Mercedes Lease Transfer Fee
How to Speed Up the Mercedes Lease Transfer Timeline
How is the Mercedes Lease Transfer Process
Transfer my Mercedes Lease – Help

How to Do a Mercedes Lease Transfer

As a seller, the 1st step in doing a Mercedes lease transfer is to speak with your lease holding company (chances are it’s Mercedes Financial Services). If you’re not sure, simple check your Mercedes statement and call the number on the it. You will want to find out from the Mercedes rep the steps involved to transfer your Mercedes lease. Chances are, that Mercedes rep will send you information as it’s a rather standard procedure. about the steps involved. The great part is that the information essentially covers everything. You can of course ask the rep any questions. I recommend calling after you read the documentation a few times. Here is information directly from Mercedes.

Like an car lease transfer, there are some restrictions. Mercedes is no different when it comes to Mercedes lease transfers! There are certain restrictions when it comes to Mercedes lease transfers. For instance, you can not do a Mercedes lease transfer the first six months or the last six months of a lease. Lastly, your account with Mercedes needs to be in good standing.

How Much is the Mercedes Lease Transfer Fee?

Every lease holding company charges a lease transfer fee. Mercedes Benz makes billions & billions of dollars a year, so they know exactly how to squeeze more and more dollars out of you! The BMW lease transfer fee is $500. A step further , the part that’s a little annoying actually, is if you’re the potential buyer. In order to takeover a BMW lease, a buyer needs to pass BMW’s credit approval. So you have to pay to a BMW lease transfer fee even if they reject you! Granted you’re not paying the full $500 BMW transfer fee, you’re still paying part of it to get rejected. That’s a buzz kill!

Every lease holding company charges a lease transfer fee. Mercedes Benz makes billions & billions of dollars a year. So, they are extremely well versed how to charge you for fees that you don’t see coming! A lease transfer with Mercedes is no different. The Mercedes lease transfer fee is around $595. If you go through the steps but your credit does not qualify, you are still paying a portion of that fee to Mercedes.

How to Speed Up the Mercedes Lease Transfer Timeline

When it comes to a Mercedes lease transfer, both the buyer & seller are eager to get the transfer completed . The hold up, is how long it takes the Mercedes lease transfer timeline. First approval is on the buyer to fill out the credit application. Mercedes will then approve or deny your application, generally within 1 business day.

The next stage in the Mercedes lease transfer timeline is having both parties review & sign the Mercedes lease transfer paperwork. The information is rather straight forward, but speeding up the process involves both the buyer & selling accurately filling out the information, and mailing it out quickly. Believe it or, make sure you are mailing it back to the proper Mercedes address! I’ve seen it where it went to the wrong department, causing a delay.

Once this is completed, reviewed & approved by Mercedes Financial, is when the transfer is complete. Mercedes Financial will sent both the buyer & seller the executed paperwork. At that point, and only at that point, is the Mercedes considered transferred to the new buyer. The next steps are the logistics in getting the vehicle from the seller to the buyer. Mercedes will not help you or be involved in the process.

Generally speaking, the largest holdup for a Mercedes lease transfer timeline is the actual buyer & seller. The trick I’ve found, is to call the lease holding company & get a status of the transfer. The first time I did a lease transfer, I was so excited to get my Mercedes Benz CLS that I called Mercedes Benz Financial daily. Getting updates directly from the lease holding company is the most accurate way to know what’s going on.

How is the Mercedes Lease Transfer Process

Believe it or not, Mercedes is amazing at lease transfers. They are also one of the fastest in turning around a lease transfer. The Mercedes lease transfer process is very smooth, well documented & communicated. Given that, it’s also not the cheapest. Then again, what else would you expect from Mercedes!
To me, what I love about Mercedes is getting someone on the phone that can guide you with updates. Especially the first time you do a lease transfer with Mercedes, you’ll be slightly nervous. By speaking to Mercedes Benz Financial, it puts any of that uneasiness away

Transfer My Mercedes Lease – Help

When you’re trying to figure out how to transfer my Mercedes lease, it’s incredibly important to be informed. Use gets like this to be educated, but also leverage speaking with Mercedes Financial Services. Don’t feel guilty for calling them daily, or 3x a day, they are there to service you (they make billions of dollars, don’t feel bad at all)!

So you understand the parameters and your ready to move forward. Now comes the hard part for man, finding a buyer to takeover your Mercedes lease. The amount of time this take really varies. You might be lucky and find a buyer right away, or it might take you months to find a buyer. The best advice I can give you when you’re trying to transfer my Mercedes lease is as follows:

1. List your Mercedes on a lease transfer site – Yes I know, here comes the sales part! Truthfully, a a car lease transfer site like Lease Transfer Club, gives you access to buyers in masses. Without it, the pool of buyers is incredibly difficult . I’ve always believed that there isn’t enough proper information out there for those new to car lease transfers. Think of listing your Mercedes lease like a dating profile – you need to put yourself out there! It’s one thing to find a car buyer, it’s a whole other thing to find a buyer that is looking to takeover someone’s lease! If history has taught us anything, the amount of these types of buyers out there is small, but growing at a nice pace

2. Create an Amazing Profile – Back to our online dating profile example, you need your Mercedes lease to stand out. Pictures are HUGE, inside & out. Take clear picture during the daytime + even some at night time. Details, provide as much information on your Mercedes lease as possible. Don’t be too vanilla in your profile either! After all, you’re dealing with a person that is looking at tons of cars. Mention where it’s parked, pets, non-smoker, anything you can think of.

3. Offer an Incentive – You might not like this one, but lets face it, incentives motivates buyers. Every single lease I’ve ever taken over, involved the seller giving me cash to take over the lease. Remember, there’s a lot of competition out there. A seller that provides a cash incentive always moves up the ladder.


If you’re a follower of this blog or site, you can see that I’m not a fan of car dealerships. I’m also not a fan of brand new cars simply due to the math behind it. Dealer fees, markups, money down and the worst part: as asset that depreciates the second you own it. No Thank You!

Instead of going through a Mercedes dealer to get your car lease, go directly to a buyer that is eager to take over your Mercedes lease. While the process might take some time, the end result is amazing – one in which both the buyers and sellers win. You can check out a list Mercedes available for lease here.

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