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Where sellers can find eager buyers for a Tesla lease transfer. Buyers can takeover Tesla leases & save a TON. Our fee for Tesla lease sellers: $0 !

Tesla lease transfer
Transfer Your Car Lease

Transfer Your Car Lease

List your car lease for free and get matched with eager buyers

Takeover a Car Lease

Takeover a Car Lease

Get short term car leases at unimaginable prices

Sellers Meet Eager Buyers

Sellers Meet Eager Buyers

Avoid the dealers & still get the protection from the manufacturer - it’s a win win!

Lease Transfer Club Values

We at Lease Transfer Club know your options are limited when trying to get out of a car lease. This is why we believe, those that need to get out of car leases, should never be charged to list their vehicle at Lease Transfer Club.

Lease Transfer Education

Learn. Adapt. Get Rewarded.

Once you go down the lease transfer path, you will never get a lease through a dealer again. First, it's important you become educated in the process. Lease Transfer Club has written several guides from our own personal experience dealing with car lease transfers & taking over car leases. Learn more

Get Cash Incentives

Sellers Will Give You Cash to Takeover Their Lease

When someone needs to get out of a car lease, chances are, that individual will offer you cash to do so. As a buyer, not only are you getting a short term car lease, you are also getting money day one of the lease transfer from the seller. Learn more

Simple Transfers

Car Lease Transfers are Easier Than You Think

As long as the buyer has good credit (crucial), the rest is very straight forward. All the paperwork is done directly with the lease holding company (ex BMW Financial Services). The hardest part is matching a seller with a buyer, that's where Lease Transfer Club comes in. Join Today

Ship a Car

Shipping a Car is Simple

Don't let the location of a car lease transfer deter you. Getting a car shipped nowadays is incredibly simple. Chances are, the seller will pay all or part of the shipping as well - depending upon what the seller & buyer negotiate in the lease transfer. Learn more

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"After taking over several car leases, I started Lease Transfer Club as a way to help buyers & sellers educate themselves with the lease transfer process. This led to the Lease Transfer Club marketplace, minus the insane fees others charge!"

John Santoro

Founder - LeaseTransferClub.com

How Lease Transfer Club Works

Lease Transfer Club allows you to find buyers & sellers of car leases. Here's a simple guide on what to expect

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